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Action-Adventure Fantasy readers are always eager to travel and desire to travel to fantastic worlds. This spark often leads to the creation of a fire within, a passion to create their own universe filled with heroes of their own making and daring quests. Most author’s work promises a world that is interesting and characters that are unforgettable. Therefore, there must be a blueprint or a formula. Here are the reasons why action-adventure fantasy books are so engaging.

Location to Start

The foundation of any fantasy adventure is creating a world where the story will take place. While I enjoy exploring the process of creating complex universes, it is not about how many but how many ideas are concentrated in the main setting. Provide as much detail as necessary to answer any questions a reader may have, although those questions may not be directly posed. It is always advisable to leave your readers to use their own imagination and come up with their own conclusions.

Who are the Characters

The best conflicts stem from conflicting wants and not from the battle between the forces of light and darkness. For example. a protagonist who requires something, and antagonists who prevent the protagonists from getting what they want, or vice versa. Envision a hero who seeks only to end conflict and a villain who seeks only to reclaim a fallen kingdom. While both are certain they are in the right. This complexity does not only make it a battle but a case for your fantasy adventure.

Timeline or Era

Which one do you wish to plunge into the present, the past, or the future? Avoid using pages for exposition or for setting up the story. If your hero’s journey starts at 20, then begin from there. Myths, legends, and childhood reminiscences can be set aside until they are called for in the narrative. This focus on the ‘now’ keeps the action going and the reader interested, flipping through the pages anticipating what is to come next.

What is the Plot

 While outlining may help some, a good plot is just what happens. This means that students should be encouraged to make choices, and their consequences should be clear. Consequences are the results of your characters’ actions, and every action should have consequences. Ask yourself: Why does this complication arise? What is the result that follows the decision? In what manner do they respond, and what new options emerge? However, realizing that even the best decisions can be tragic is important. This makes the reader develop curiosity as they wait to see the impact of the character’s actions in the story.

Why is it all Happening

Stakes are the driving force of your story, making your plot go round. It’s always about saving the world or the hero’s personal journey, but the stakes cannot be anything less than life and death. Ask yourself: Why should these characters be bothered? Why can’t another person do it? What will they lose if they do not act? This kind of stake makes the readers feel compelled and invested, as they would want the characters to succeed.

Stacy Frantz, Fantasy That Came True

A spontaneous road trip sparked a creative fire in Stacy Frantz. Overcoming initial challenges, she found her voice and launched to share her experiences. This journey proves that chasing dreams knows no age limit. Dive into her captivating stories and explore new worlds on her

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