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Have you ever had a feeling from inside after finishing a book that “Wait, Woahh, is life really like that?” You are not alone! We all have experienced it. Fiction is no less than a wild ride where it takes us to fantastical worlds and drops us to thrilling adventures. But have you ever thought of how much it affects your real world? From books on trucking to dark fantasy books, fantasy is the key, but what about reality? In this blog, we will be discussing the difference between fiction and reality alongside how they teach us valuable lessons even when they are not 100% reality. So, grab your detective hat and see what this blog has to say to you.

A blend of Fiction and Reality

There are certain stories that we can relate to a lot but they are not real. right? These stories have the power to transport us to a different world  but how closely do they reflect reality? Fiction serves as more than simply a means of escape. It can also be a powerful instrument for picking readers’ interest in novel ideas and issues. Consider the domain of freight transportation, such as books on trucking. Readers can learn about the fundamentals of the profession. It can include the rewards and difficulties drivers encounter, and the wide stretches of terrain they travel across through an engrossing fictional novel.

Someone might be motivated to read more non-fiction books and documentaries about trucking or even think about a career in this unusual industry by this burst of fictitious excitement. Fundamentally, fiction acts as an engrossing doorway that piques curiosity about the world outside its pages.

Reality Vs. Fantasy

You must always want to untangle those threads between rea;ity and worlds we created in stories. right? Let’s untangle them today by following points of differences between reality and fantasy.

Gear Up for Heartwarming Adventure with Stacy Frantaz!

Calling all reading enthusiasts! Are you also into the therapy of a fantasy book with a coffee mug therapy? Or are you craving for an adventure that has the blend of thrilling fiction and a reality of the open road? If yes, you are at the right platform. Here at Stacy Frantaz, you will get something for you. Hit the road with our heartwarming stories and experience captivating tales. If you are looking for books on trucking, check out our “It’s A Trucker’s Life!”, and if you want something horror, look for our novel “Mystical Haunting of JACK’S House”.

MYSTICAL Haunting Of Jack’s House



After a recent near death experience, George Wistman finds himself in a perilous situation. He must choose between running away or helping his teammates and an innocent family drive out the very entities who tried to steal his life. In the process of making his decision, he discovers one of his friends is facing a battle of his own and George might be the only one who can help. Can George overcome his fear and help his teammates solve the problems they face? Or will he abandon the quest and leave without them?


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